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Related post: Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 12:36:56 -0700 From: BT Subject: Quality Time With Nephews #4Sorry for the delay bestpix bbs in getting the model bbs toplist latest chapter done (last updated in May). I have appreciated all of the positive feedback. Hope you enjoy this one as well. Standard disclaimers still apply. If you are under 18 or it is illegal for you to read such material, please do not go any further. This is a work of fantasy, nothing else. Otherwise please enjoy and feel free to provide feedback to had been a couple of weeks since I arrived to care for my sisters 11 & 15 year old boys while she attended a 6-week training session for work back east. While I had gladly taken on the task I would never believed that within 24-hours of my arrival I would be having sex with them both. 15 year old virgin ped bbs Todd had no misgivings. He was loving the sex and would take it any way he could get it. 11 year old Josh on the other hand caught me and his brother fucking and after his initial shock, clearly wanted to join the fun. But 2 weeks later Josh seemed only in interested in blowing his brother and I and receiving blow jobs from us both. I was OK with mature bbs forum that but Todd made it clear he wanted his brothers ass and it appeared Josh was just as determined not to bbs forum tiny angels let that happen. Still since our first few encounters I ended up waking up each morning with one or both of them in bed with me, still satisfied from the previous nights activities and clearly enjoying the new fun tight little xxx bbs they were experiencing, as was I.So, when I woke up with both boys on either side of me, I remembered today was pedo bbs boys the day Josh's friend Nathan was coming to stay for the weekend while his parents went to the coast for a weekend get away. As I lay there I felt Todd's slowly hardening cock rubbing up and down the crack of my ass. Meanwhile, Josh was laying on his side facing me. AS his eyes opened he raised his head up to kiss me while he began to fondle popping panties board bbs my cock. Tempted, I held off and sat up in the bed announcing, "We need to talk guys."With both of them still laying down looking up at me I said, "Guys, you do realize that while Nathan is here there is no way we can play around this weekend - right?" free kds bbs pics While Josh nodded yes, Todd top bbs nude smiled and said "Well, who knows? One more in the party could really be fun!".Frustrated I looked directly at Todd and said "We have talked about this! No one, including your friends, especially your friend can know about this" as my face flushed with anger.Seeing I was irritated, Todd said "Chill bbs candid models out Uncle Brad. We understand that this is just between us, don't we Josh!"I looked down at Josh and he smiled and said "I promise I haven't told anyone, but...""But forum bbs teen what?" bbs vombats xxx I asked.Reaching out and grabbing hold of my cock he smiled and said "Well, lolta bbs toplist Nate and his parents won't be here until noon so can't we do it one last time before he shows up?" as his mouth moved closer sven bbs ls place to my cock and taking it in his mouth.As I sighed with pleasure, Todd sat up and we began to kiss. As boys kids nude bbs I leaned back against the headboard of the bed, Todd fozya rules bbs nudist camp bbs lifted up my arm and buried his face in my armpit inhaling deeply before he began licking. Meanwhile Josh continued to move his head up and down on my hard cock. Todd moved down to my nipples and gently began to lick them and gently bite which caused me to moan in pleasure. Slowly tonguing his way down to my homemade movies bbs dick he laid next to his brother and began tonguing my balls while Josh continued to work on the head of my nude 100 model bbs cock. Gently, I grabbed hold cp bbs pt young of Josh's curly black hair and pulled him off of my cock and he and Todd teens forum bbs proceeded to kiss each other passionately as they stroked my cock. As I ukranian porn bbs elweb ran my hands up and down their backs they began to take turns sucking my cock, both amazing me the skill they were showing crazy angels bbs after just a couple of weeks experience. Soon it was just Josh working on my cock as his brother moved down and began to suck his little brothers dick.As Todd sucked Josh, I watched him gently begin to massage his bbs porn pics free brothers asshole, which Josh was clearly enjoying as he moaned in pleasure. ls models dark bbs When Todd actually inserted his finger, Josh cried out "Oh yeah bbs russian pt man - that feels so good." As Josh sucked my cock faster I watched him move his ass back to meet the public nudity bbs thrust of his brothers fingers. Excited, Todd removed his finger and moved his mouth to young girls posting bbs his sun ranchi bbs brothers ass. As Todd's tongue touched his asshole, Josh cried forbidden little youngs bbs out, "Oh my God. Stick your tongue in my butt. Oh, man that feels so good." As Todd's tongue fucked his little brother, Josh had totally abandoned my cock. I continued to stroke it as I watched Josh moving his ass all over the place trying to get his brothers tongue in deeper, continuously crying out in pleasure, pleading with his brother not to stop.Encouraged Todd soon stood up stroking his raging hard cock and positioned the head of his cock at his baby brother's virgin asshole. As he gently began to push his cock in, Josh cried out "What the fuck!" as he jumped up on his feet. Turning vombat teen bbs around to face his brother, Josh bbs teenmodel angrily said, "Damn it. I told you I lola bbs illegal don't want to do that!"Furious Todd said "Come on you fucking tease! You couldn't get enough of my tongue up your ass! I am getting tired of your shit and I blowjobs bbs am going to fuck you whether you want it or not!"Realizing I had to stop it, I got between the tow boys and black girls bbs pulled them to me. I looked at Todd and told him "You need to listen to your brother. You can't force him to do something he isn't ready for." Than looking at Josh I warned him, "Josh, I can see why your brother would think you were ready. You need to be careful not to start something you can't finish."Eyes brimming with lilitas bbs children tears, Josh said "Well it felt good but I don't want his dick up there. It would bbs 12449 hurt!"Hugging them both I said "Come on guys. We don't have much time. Do you want to stop?"Still angry Todd said "Hell no! If the little tease isn't going to put out than you can!" Pushing me back on the bed he grabbed my legs and placed them over his shoulders and positioned himself between my legs. Amused, I let him do this but was surprised when he rammed his cock into me! Crying out, I began to stroke my cock as Todd roughly fucked my ass. After a moment I noticed Josh standing there baby fucking bbs watching us, stroking his cock. Smiling at him I dais, "Come here and let me suck your dick."As I began to suck Josh's dick, I watched him watch his brother continuing to pummel my ass but it was clear he was no longer angry with his older brother, but in fact impressed at how he was roughly fucking my ass. Todd leaned over and pulled his brothers head young models bbs closer to bbs lol pix him and kissed bbs babysitters fun him. They continued to shove their tongues down each others throats. Todd continued to roughly fuck my appreciative ass but I was surprised by Josh grabbing my hair and roughly fucking my mouth. I continued to stroke my cock faster wondering if they even remembered I was there. I elwebbs forum watched Todd stroking his brothers ass before he suddenly naturist bbs shoved his finger up Josh's ass, who cried out not only from the surprised entrance in his ass but from the pleasure of his cock erupting deep bbs video dreams in my throat. Todd's body stiffened up as girls board bbs bbs links list he roughly shoved his cock even harder into my hold and began shooting his load up my ass yelling Amateur sex pic bbs "Oh, fuck man! Oh fuck!" As I felt their loads shooting down my throat and up my ass I began to spray cum all over the three of us, moaning loudly. Todd literally collapsed on top of me as his orgasm subsided, his body heaving from his exertion. Josh laid back on the bed next to very small titties bbs us both, cuddling up to us both as we all tried to catch our breath.As mixman bbs we laid on the bed for awhile recovering, I asked the boys if they were OK. Smiling they both kissed me and each other and reassured me they were find. Reminding them that was it until after the weekend we all went into the shower to wash up and get ready for our house guests arrival. By the time free adult dating bbs Nathan and his parents arrived the three of us had managed to shower and get dressed.After reassuring Nathan's parents I was up to the challenge of caring for all 3 boys for the weekend, they were on their way. I couldn't help but silently wander... Was I up to the challenge? After all before this trip I had never imagined I none nude models bbs would have sex with my 11 and 15 year photo porno bbs kids old nephew yet that's exactly what had been happening the past two weeks. And 3d bbs sex now here was Nathan. 13 years old, tall and lanky and clearly trying to adjust to his recent growth spurt. With a full head of thick curly hair nearly bleached white from his long hours in the summer sun bbs dark ped ls bbs darkcollection and with a deep tan which made his pale blue eyes stand out, all I could do is repeat to myself silently that there would be no sex this weekend while he was staying with us. Of course that did not keep me from locking myself in the bathroom and jacking off a load when the three boys had taken off to amuse themselves in the barn.They were in and out little young virgin bbs of the house all day and were clearly hungry when they came in imageboard bbs for dinner. Afterwards all of us laid bbs pedo photo out in the living room andwatched a movie and expect for the occasional teasing remarks among the boys, we mostly vegged out until bbs girls models we all agreed it was bed time. I went to bed satisfied by our success in not giving into our desires and having sex, which is pretty much how Todd, Josh, and I had been spending most of our waking moments the past couple of weeks.A couple of hours later I awoke when I heard a door open and close. Getting up I noticed the light on under Todd's door. I walked down the hall and peaked into Josh's room and saw he was sound asleep but there was no sign of Nathan. I was just about to knock on Todd's door when I heard a moan and Nathan say, "Oh man! That feels great!" Walking outside I could see that Todd's bedroom blinds were up and the window open. Quietly I walked up and I could see Nathan on the bed leaning back against the wall with his eyes closed and there was Todd, sucking on Nathan's dick. I couldn't young pics bbs help but feel jealous wishing I was the one feasting on the blonde teens cock but knew that was just asking for trouble. But of course that didn't mean I couldn't watch!Todd continued to suck Nathan's cock and when he reached up and pinched the teens nipples Nathan cried out in pleasure. As he began to thrust his cock into Todd's waiting mouth it was clear he was close. Not wanting that to happen, Todd removed his mouth and gently began to stroke Nathan's dick. He looked up at him and asked, "Dude, you mean you have never had anyone bikini bbs tgp go down on you before?"Hesitantly Nathan admitted he hadn't and when Todd asked about Josh, innocent girls bbs Nathan said, assian bbs "Well we have jerked off a couple of times but he was always real jumpy and nervous so I havent' really tried to get him to do it again.""So no girlfriends yet?" Todd asked.Flushing red, Nathan said "Well noooo... I'm not really good around girls." Smiling at him Todd opened his mouth and deep throated Nathan's rock hard dick and was rewarded with a load moan from the teen. Releasing his cock, Todd little young bbs said "Well you certainly seem to bbs pedo top list like fozya bbs archive this" which Nathan smiled and nodded his head. naked virgins bbs Todd than pushed Nathan's legs up towards his chest, exposing the blonde teen's pink hairless asshole. As Todd's tongue touched the quivering hole, Nathan's whole body convulsed, his head hitting the wall with a loud thud. Totally turned on Todd grabbed hold of Nathan thighs and buried his face into Nathan's ass crack plunging his tongue into his desperate asshole.Nathan screamed out "Oh fuck man! Stick your tongue in my hole! Fuck me with that tongue!" as his body continued to convulse and his head continuing to bump into the wall. Suddenly he stiffened up and he grabbed Todd by the hair as he tried to push Todd's tongue further up his spasming hole, than his cock began to spurt shot after shot all over his chest and face. After his last shot of cum, his body went totally limp and he let go of Todd's hair.As Nathan tried to catch his breath he looked down and saw Todd bbs sex japan looking up at him from between his legs smiling. Todd asked, "How would you lolta bbs list like to try something else?" Speechless, Nathan eagerly nodded his head. Todd stood up between Nathan's legs, exposing his own rock hard cock bbs cp sex to Nathan's view. Todd than grabbed hold of Nathan's waist and pulled his ass to the edge of the bed. Grabbing hold of his cock, Todd positioned it at Nathan's asshole which was glistening from the tongue bath Todd had just given it.Nervously Nathan said "Wait! I don't know if I'm ready for that!" Todd's silent reply was to portal bbs ls pics spit on his hand and began rubbing it on the head of his own cock and than gently inserting his index finger into Nathan's ass, causing him to moan. As Todd continued to slowly move his finger in and out of Nathan's ass he continued rub his dripping cock around Nathan's ass and balls while the teen continued to moan, tossing underground kds bbs his head back and forth on the bed. When he felt Todd remove the litle gay bbs finger from his ass and began to press the head of this throbbing cock against his hole, Nathan weakly said, "I don't know if I can take that." Pushing harder, Todd's cock head pedo photo bbs pushed pass Nathan's ass ring and Nathan cried out "OHHHHH!" which grew louder as Todd slowly continued to push his cock in until his entire cock was buried in Nathan's ass. After getting used to the feeling, Nathan nervously smiled and told Todd, "Go ahead and fuck me but take it easy!"Smiling Todd slowly began to alexx bbs guestbook remove his bbs stories cock until only the head was still in. Bending down his face nearly touching Nathan's he said breathlessly "You really want it now, don't you?" As Nathan nodded yes, Todd rammed his cock back in covering Nathan's mouth with his own kissing him passionately as Nathan cried out in pleasure and pain. I watched spellbound free pics bbs 15 as my nephew roughly fucked his friends ass harder and harder. Nathan continued to wince with pain, his hands clenching the blankets beneath him. He and Todd continued to kiss passionately, tongues dueling in each others mouths.Soon Nathan's eyes were open and he as he looked into Josh's incest bbs kids eyes, little kingdom pics bbs began to quietly chant "Fuck me! Fuck me!" and with each thrust of Todd's cock said it louder, "Come on fuck me! Fuck me harder!"As he got louder, Todd continued to pound the virgin ass harder until he cried out "Oh fuck man! I'm going bbs banned to cum! top bbs nn Gonna fill that virgin ass with my cum!" His body stiffened and with a final thrust his cock began teen panty model bbs filling Nathan's ass. As his orgasm subsided he removed his cock from Nathan's ass and lay next to him on the bed.Once he regained his breath, Nathan said "Oh wow man! Josh doesn't know what he elwebbs biz info is missing!"Kissing Nathan, Todd said "So you like getting your ass fucked?"Nathan smiled and said "Yeah. It hurt at first cp lol bbs but it kept feeling better and better. But when can I fuck you?"Smiling Todd said "Uncle Brad bbs great lola and Josh won't be up for hours so we have plenty of time" and bd bbs dark they Child supermodels bbs began to kiss and gently stroke each others bodies.As hacked porn bbs I walked back to my room I realized my cock was still rock hard. While I would have loved to join the two teenagers, I realized that it was just too dangerous to to engage in sex with nubile bbs Nathan and would have to settle for getting myself off in my room. As I closed my bedroom door Little porn bbs and began to remove my robe I heard the blankets rustle and young teen bbs toplist the light came on. There was Josh, laying in my bed, looking somewhat defeated. As I bbs magazine girl struggled to try and flashing pussy bbs put my robe back on, he said "So were you in there with Todd and Nathan?"Shaking my head I replied "No, but I was watching them. I take it they woke you up?"Laughing slightly Josh said "How could I sleep? It sounded like they were going to come through the wall!" But than his smile disappeared and he young girl models bbs said quietly "Now I'm the only virgin here."I walked over to the bed bbs lol dark shy and sat next to my nephew tgp bbs pubescent ru and placed young pre bbs my hand on his cheek and said "Josh, it's not a race. You are only 11 and you can take all the time you want." He shrugged his shoulders and looked even more miserable so I said, "Well if you think you are ready, go join them. I am sure they are about to start another round."Shaking his head slightly, Josh reached out and put his hand in my robe and took cp bbs top websites hold of my cock which was had lost some of its hardness during our conversation and than looked up at me and said "Not them Uncle Brad. You... I want you to take my cherry!!"Well that it is for this chapter... Hope you all liked it forbidden girls bbs and I will have the next one out soon. I do appreciate all the positive comments and ideas so far so keep them coming to
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